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January 2018

Knauf Passive Fire Protection range

The Knauf Passive Fire Protection range stops the spread of fire through service penetrations in Knauf partitions. 

Currently available for specification only.

Knauf Vidiwall

Knauf Vidiwall is dense sheet fibreboard capable of providing increased durability, rigidity and mechanical strength compared to a traditional gypsum sheet product.

Knauf MineralAktiv

Knauf MineralAktiv is a new generation render top coat and paint system designed to stop the growth of algae and mould on building facades.

July 2017

Knauf ProRoll

ProRoll is a ready-mixed roller applied plaster for quick and simple jobs, from repairing uneven patches on walls and smoothing out textured surfaces. Find out more.

Knauf Designboard

The Knauf Designboard range offers a choice of decorative surface finishes applied to a non-combustible gypsum fibre core. Find out more.

Knauf N410

A fast drying and self-levelling compound for use over Knauf dry screed boards. Ideal for use as a thin layer over underfloor heating systems. Look under 'Flooring Accessories: Dry floor screed panels' on our product data page for more information.


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